Ocean View Baptist Church

TLC Program

Building Strong Foundations

Ocean View TLC Program

We believe that building a strong foundation in our Christian atmosphere is the most important thing we can do for your children. We want to make learning fun by giving a variety of activities such as dramatic play, art, music, science, books, phonics, numbers, and outdoor activities. We will teach them how to strengthen inner emotional control and grow toward self-discipline. Your child will have opportunities to practice in academics, language, motor skills, and self-help. Most importantly, we want to provide opportunities for children to grow and develop their understanding of God’s love.



Children may begin at 6 weeks old and transition to our Toddler Program based on development.


Our Toddler Program introduces storytime, circle time, and group activities.

Young 2’s

Using a thematic format, we teach behaviors consistent with normal development, excluding toilet training.  Children in this class turn 2 on or after September 1st.

2-Year-Old Program

Children in this program are exposed to age-appropriate bible stories, colors, shapes, and more.  All children begin toilet training in order to set them up for success for the next year.

3-Year-Old Program

Children are exposed to developmentally appropriate ideas and concepts. They will also work on self care practices. For this program, children must be toilet trained.

4-Year-Old Program

Children begin the basics of reading, writing, and math.  During this year, they will begin preparations for Kindergarten.



A morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided based on the program in which your child is enrolled.


A variety of special events are held throughout the year to expand learning and community, such as Scholastic Book Fair, Christmas programs, parent and grandparent luncheons, and our annual Trike-a-Thon.


Our developmentally appropriate playground offers many opportunities for active and creative play, and exercise for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.  All classes are scheduled to use the playground twice a day for 30 minutes.


The TLC playground, cafeteria, and classrooms are equipped with cameras. Parents may access these video feeds through password-protected viewing on a smartphone or personal computer after reading and signing our confidentiality agreement as part of registration.


Please view our current Parent Handbook for current policies.