Prayer for Hurricane Florence

Below are suggested ways to support our community through prayer!

Flood waters to subside

Homes and communities are slowly being flooded as waters are beginning to reach their crest. Please pray for the waters to recede so that families can go back and assess the damage, and return to their homes.

First Responders

Many are risking their lives to either redirect the waters or going into the flooded areas to help stranded homeowners. They need prayers for safety, and their families need prayer as they are separated during this time for long work days.


Many families have been driven from their homes due to the rising flood waters. Children, who already rely on breakfast and lunch at their local schools are hungry as schools have been closed for three weeks.


Thankful for the thousands of volunteers who donate food, hours of hard work, and money to the people suffering from the flood waters.


Many organizations have stepped up to donate food and supplies to the hardest hit areas.

Neighbors helping neighbors

As the devastation continues, many neighbors have sacrificed their time and money to help out those who were at one time total strangers, but now have come together to support one another. Pray for God’s unity and peace throughout the recovery efforts.