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At Ocean View, we not only seek to worship God with our lives but also to praise Him with our lips. It is a unifying and inspiring experience to join our hearts and our voices in telling God what He means to us and to thank Him for His goodness. Truly, this unity is a most-inspiring thing to witness. We believe worship is not what merely happens with our lips but it begins with the heart. Each and every week, a great team of musicians, and vocalists join together in an effort to help lead our church in worshiping our amazing God.

If you would like more information about our worship ministry, and/or how you can possibly be a part of this great team, please email Stephen@ovbc.org, or call the office at (843) 449-3384.

Ocean View School of Music

The Ocean View School of Music is a part of the Music Ministry of Ocean View. Recognizing that music and the arts are gifts from God, it is our purpose to provide students with quality instruction and a means of expression for their God-given talents. The School of Music is open to all ages, offering private lessons for many different instruments.

For more information and tuition costs, call the church office at 843-449.3384 or E:Office@ovbc.org.

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Wondering what your next step is?

1. Starting Point

Want to find out more about Ocean View? Then Starting Point is for you! It’s the first step in our four step discipleship process.

2. Foundations

You’ve attended Starting Point, what’s next? The answer … Foundations. This one-time class which is offered monthly will equip you with the basic tools necessary to live the Christian life.

3. Groups

Here at Ocean View, we believe that the church is not a building, but a community of people striving to make a difference in their community for Christ.

4. Serving

Part of Being a church is putting the right people in the right places. Did you know it takes hundreds of people to lead our church each week? That’s why we ask everyone to find a place in our church to serve at least once a week.

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