6th through 12th Grade

Ocean View Students

Sundays at 9:30 am-10:30am

Wednesdays at 6:30pm- 8:30pm

Welcome to Ocean View Students!

At Ocean View Students (6th-12th grade), we believe that every environment should be exciting, safe, and relevant in helping your family to follow Jesus. Our environments for students are age-intentional with worship, small groups, and applicable teaching from the Bible.


It’s our desire that what happens on the weekend would act as the beginning of a spiritual conversation that will continue throughout the week in your family.

At the beginning of every Sunday morning student series, parents are given a snapshot, a Parent Cue, of what we discuss so you can continue the conversation throughout the week using everyday experiences to help your family grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Be sure to follow @ovstudents on Instagram, and Facebook, to connect with others and see more simple ways to help your kids follow Jesus. Scroll on down to the “Get Connected” for more details.


Our small groups exist to help students experience three things:

wonder for who God is
discovery of who He created them to be
passion for loving others

Everything we offer is designed to help students begin to take ownership of their faith.

We start every Sunday morning at 9:30 am. Students will experience a combination of games, powerful worship, inspiring leaders, engaging conversations, and relevant teaching. Student Check-ins begins 15 minutes before our services.


Our Wednesday night is characterized by one word… CHAOS.  We mean that in the best way possible. Each Wednesday will look different. Whether it is a themed game night, a study through God’s Word, or an event outside our building, we guarantee you’ll have fun and have stories to tell.

We open the doors to the Student Center on Wednesday, at 6:00 pm. Join us for food and all sorts of fun chaos!


Did you know that we send an email every month called “The OV Students Monthly?”

This is a way not only to keep you informed about news, upcoming announcements, and events, but also to partner with you, the parent, on what we are teaching your student and how you can reinforce it at home.

On average, churches get about one hour a week to speak into the life of a teenager. When you subtract trips, holidays, and sports, at best that equals forty hours a year.

We feel our influence is profoundly more effective when we partner with parents, providing you with tangible ways to engage your teenagers at home.

To sign up for The OV Students Monthly, simply send an email  to justink@ovbc.org

To sign up for text alerts, text ov students to the number (844) 355-7984.

And follow us on social media! On Facebook, Instagram, we are @ovstudents.

Get Connected

Wondering what your next step is?

1. Starting Point

Want to find out more about Ocean View? Then Starting Point is for you! It’s the first step in our four step discipleship process.

2. Foundations

You’ve attended Starting Point, what’s next? The answer … Foundations. This one-time class which is offered monthly will equip you with the basic tools necessary to live the Christian life.

3. Groups

Here at Ocean View, we believe that the church is not a building, but a community of people striving to make a difference in their community for Christ.

4. Serving

Part of Being a church is putting the right people in the right places. Did you know it takes hundreds of people to lead our church each week? That’s why we ask everyone to find a place in our church to serve at least once a week.