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AMOS Health and Hope
AMOS Health and Hope seeks to take action to help address the problems of poverty, disease and preventable deaths. Their programs respond to community-identified needs and build upon community strengths. Their mission is to improve the health of impoverished communities by working alongside them in health, education and development. This is a long-term partnership we have had with Dr’s David and Laura Parajón.

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Mission Possible
Mission Possible is a Christian mission and aid organization targeting Eastern Europe. In existence since 1974, Mission Possible operates through five sister organizations in the West, and 10 local organizations in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania). The Mission of Mission Possible is to equip the local Christians and Churches in Eastern Europe for works of service (Eph. 4:12) and to help them more effectively reach suffering and searching people and to bringing them the Gospel message, Biblical teaching, and life-changing help.

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Global Training Network – (Doug Dorman & Everett Douglas)
The vision of Global Training Network is to provide quality biblical and theological training to thousands of indigenous church planters, pastors and Christian leaders throughout the Majority World, so that these pastors and leaders can then effectively equip and lead their congregations to evangelize and disciple their communities for Christ.

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Embraced International
80% of kids living in orphanages have family. Meaning, the vast majority of kids living in orphanages are there NOT because their parents are dead or don’t want them, but because they simply do not have the financial means to provide for some of their basic needs. Embraced International believes that when empowered, family can be the strong foundation that sets a child up for their success instead of a fractured foundation that a child spends the rest of their life trying to find stability and healing from. The family truly is the most unique structure, perfectly positioned to impact a child’s life and there is simply no substitution that can replace what a family can provide for a child. Because of this, we want to uplift families so that they can be that strong foundation for their children. The Mission of Embraced International is: Surrounding vulnerable children and families with support, solutions, and opportunities to help them find their individual success. 

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Operation Christmas Child
Each year we have an amazing opportunity to reach kids all over the world.  Ocean View is the Regional Hub for Operation Christmas Child! All the boxes from our area come through our building to be packed, processed, and be ready for shipping.  This requires several volunteers all throughout the month of November each year. Contact us to discover how you can be a part! For more information, email
All Nations Café
Each year throughout the Summer thousands of International college age students come to work and live here in Myrtle Beach on a J-1 Visa. Ocean View has been chosen to be a host facility for All Nations Café, where we will provide and serve a meal to over 100 students one evening per week, from 6-9pm for 10-12 weeks. Besides providing meals, we will have time to interact with the students around the dinner table, play games, share in some fun American traditions, share stories of the gospel, and discover ways to share life together. CLICK HERE to get more info!

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Wondering what your next step is?

1. Starting Point

Want to find out more about Ocean View? Then Starting Point is for you! It’s the first step in our four step discipleship process.

2. Foundations

You’ve attended Starting Point, what’s next? The answer … Foundations. This one-time class which is offered monthly will equip you with the basic tools necessary to live the Christian life.

3. Groups

Here at Ocean View, we believe that the church is not a building, but a community of people striving to make a difference in their community for Christ.

4. Serving

Part of Being a church is putting the right people in the right places. Did you know it takes hundreds of people to lead our church each week? That’s why we ask everyone to find a place in our church to serve at least once a week.